Frank Dobner SELECTEAM Deutschland GmbH





“If your wanted employee will bring you profit in the future, then he is currently bringing you loss because you are missing out on him!? When do you start with your future?”

(Wilfried Schlichter)


Frank Dobner began his distribution career in the textile industry and already reached the position Director of Sales after a few years and soon afterwards he became General manager.


As a Wholesale and foreign trade merchant his field was always the distribution and sales sector as well as the guidance of teams or enterprises.


After 12 years of textile industry he left known roads and started off a new career and founded a construction company in Spain, which he led over 7 years.


Frank also imported plug in module in the construction boom at that time. He sold this enterprise in 2007 and returned to Germany where he led an enterprise in the area of Surface special refining. In the function of the CEO he altered this to the industrial ancillary industry. Subsequently, Frank travelled for renowned companies in machinery and plant engineering. As a sales manager, he succeeded in generating international business, among other things, for the company JENOPTIK AG, a TecDax listed Optoelectronics Group worldwide.


Since 2017 he is a freelance recruitment consultant.


As a distribution professional he knows around the needs of personnel, organizational and structural nature, in enterprises and organizations. 


He is solution-oriented and aim-oriented, disposes of the ability to analytically solve complicated as well as complex situations and is therefore the ideal Troubleshooter.


He speaks beside his mother tongue German also Spanish and English fluently, moreover, he disposes of contacts in numerous countries.


His focus lies in the subject’s experts and executive recruiting, potential analysis and new work. In this context, the transformational leadership is his passion because it stimulates intrinsic motivation. The happy employee from himself is successfully the employee of the future will be. Leadership not only the professional life will separate thus presumably change the whole society.


Frank Dobner has experience and successes in sales and in building sustainable networks in the mechanical and plant engineering, logistics, service and trade sectors.


Mr. Dobner supplements SELECTEAM with his expertise in Frankfurt since February 2019.